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Donate your time as a volunteer

Parkview volunteers serve as an extension of our healthcare team who are dedicated to improving your health and inspiring your well-being. Our volunteers are committed to fostering our vision of providing excellent care for every person every day.

We are accepting applications for new volunteers at Parkview locations. To learn more about volunteering or to become a volunteer, please contact the volunteer coordinator at the Parkview facility nearest you.

Become a Volunteer

Types of volunteering available

Volunteers at Parkview provide invaluable time, talents and services to our patients, their family members and guests by providing excellent hospitality and service. Volunteers can choose from a variety of service opportunities including guiding patients and visitors to their destinations, assisting with clerical work or working in hospital gift shops.

Volunteer opportunities in Allen County

In Allen County, we are accepting applications for new volunteers at many Parkview facilities. Eligible applicants should be 18 years or older. To apply, complete the online application and a representative will follow up with you.

Apply Now

For more information, please contact us:

Cassie Kurtz

Parkview Home Health & Hospice
Gail Williams and Jessica Sellers
To apply for volunteer opportunities with Parkview Hospice, complete the online application here.

Other locations

Parkview Dekalb Hospital
Kathryn Esterline

Parkview Huntington Hospital
Kristen Walker

Parkview LaGrange Hospital
Christina Blaskie
260-463-9009 or 877-745-4441, ext. 49009

Parkview Noble Hospital
Taylor Yoder

Parkview Wabash Hospital
Kerri Mattern

Parkview Whitley Hospital
LeaAnn Herron

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Parkview.